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About Us

"THANK YOU! I could tell you stories! I do LOVE your gopher wire. Once upon a time I had 63 different rose varieties in my garden - a different house, up in Sebastopol - and they all were planted in your wire baskets. If they had not been, they would have gone the way of everything else in that garden ... going ... going ... Gone!"

- Jill K. Richmond, CA


Digger's Product Development LLC is a small family-owned business based in Santa Cruz, California founded by owner Wayne Morgan in 1985. Wayne grew up on the local family farm and used chicken wire or poultry netting to fashion gopher baskets to protect his garden from the damaging pests. This proved problematic as the wire was difficult to handle and he often cut his hands and snagging his clothing. He also found that small gophers got through the large openings in the chicken wire and were able to chew through the thin gauge poultry wire.

Out of this necessity to make a protective basket that was easy to use, and driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, Wayne created the first commercially available pre-made gopher basket developing RootGuardTM Gopher Wire specifically to exclude gnawing destructive gophers from plants and landscapes. He with the help of father, Roy, founded digger's Products on the principle of providing a great product at a good price while offering excellent customer service.

Three decades later Digger's has grown from selling baskets to garden centers throughout California, out of the back of his pickup truck, into an Omni-channel merchant selling RootGuardTM Gopher Wire Baskets, Gopher Wire Rolls and, new for 2016, SpeedBasket (protection from moles and voles in addition to gophers) in all channels across the continental United States.